monica dengo classe

An exhibition at the TRANSFO - Zwevegem, Belgium.
Curated by Brody Neuenschwander

Obsession. That's what Brody Neuenschwander was looking for when choosing the art of lettering artists to go along with art by handicapped artists at the TRANSFO-Zwevegem exhibition. The purpose of the show, he said, was to ask questions about how the things we make are conceived, made and understood.


An inspiring and diverse selection of artworks, in which every artist explored and shared a unique relation to writing. Nothing looked "calligraphic" in the commonly shared meaning of the word and nothing looked predictable or even harmonious. I saw an honest research, unburdened by the necessity of pleasing the viewer's eye.

 Net andere woorden + monica dengo


I was at the opening as one of the invited artists and because of my interest in seeing how Brody curated this show, which took place in an old, partially dismantled, non operating thermo-electric power plant. The most impressive room was the one where we watched a performance with Peter Jacquemyn, Sigrid Tanghe and Brody Newenschwander. The windows had been covered with oriental paper, written by Brody and handicapped artists who, apparently, could not read and just copied the forms of writing, along with students from a local art school. A collaboration among a very diverse group of people, with very different views of writing.


A great idea and a very successful exhibition, I think.

John Neilson, Kenny Callens, Carl Kurtz, Kristoffel Boudens, Andre Wostisn, Monica Dengo, Danoy Bergeman, Rik Cortie, Yuko Wada, Jan Cattebeke, Denise Lach, Klaus Compagnie, Brody Newenschwander, Faezeh Afchary-Kord, Bram Bonquet, Rory Kotin, Mieke Vanhessche, Lien Anckaert.

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