Monica Dengo


Calligraphy, hand lettering and illustration in this section are mainly for commercial use. Art directors can view samples and choose the style that is closer to what they are looking for. All samples are written out or drawn by hand. Art photos originals Calligraphic artwork in this section is for sale.
You can find original art, photography, artist books and other calligraphy publications. Kids and calligraphy Published work on book covers, packaging, public work, reader's cards, book arts and more.


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News Teaching Calligraphy Monica Dengo

Venice, Annual Courses 2015
Annual corses in three levels with Monica Dengo and Maria Pia Montagna.

Books by Hand 2014
A 6 days Calligraphy and Bookbinding workshop in Arezzo, Italy with Monica Dengo

Venice, Palazzo Minotto
Two workshops with Monica Dengo "Unique and imperfect and "The text is alive"